About the Film

Iraq, 1959. In Baghdad, rival revolutionary groups vie to shape the future of the freshly-sovereign nation. But to the north, in the poverty-stricken area around Tikrit, the daily struggle is for simple survival. Kaseem – a restless and imaginative young boy – and his parents, a fisherman and his wife, live their lives off the land and the river, their concerns far-removed from the political upheaval of the capital.

One day, while riding his bicycle by the banks of the Tigris, Kaseem discovers a wounded young man washed up on the shore. The man is starving, delirious, and in desperate need of help. Kaseem brings the stranger back to his home for shelter and care, eager to earn the respect and pride of his parents with his good deed.

But his plan turns awry: the stranger repays his benevolence by turning the family members against each other and irrevocably tearing them apart. Kaseem is left devastated, trying to find some meaning in what has occurred.

Forty-four years later, and in similar need of help, the stranger returns to the same riverside village, and by pure chance, arrives once again at the home of Kaseem. Face to face with his childhood demon, Kaseem finds himself caught between his desire for revenge and his need to make peace with the past.

Bathroom Scene Staging

Movie producing and stage setting is an interesting profession. There are numerous scenes in any one movie and at times actors may fly from one state to another to create different scenes within a movie. Other times, they may spend a majority of time in the studio. It simply depends on the movie and what makes the most sense for it. With all of that, it may come as a surprise to some that one of the most challenging things is the bathroom scene staging.

The Production Company’s Job

Round Producers ChairEvery aspect of a movie is planned out before shooting ever begins. Everyone has to know their parts, know their places, and their specific locations. At one time in history, all movies were created on a stage and only the backgrounds would change. The actors and actresses stayed in the studio at all times. Now, with rechargeable batteries and portable generators, there can be more action in a movie and it can venture out of the studio to random parts of the world. If the film script calls for a building to collapse, you find a location where a building is being demolished. If it calls for a road trip, you find random areas along the trip’s path for actors to perform parts. If it is mostly a house scene, film crews may come in and rent a home from someone, then transform it into a home for that actor or the “family”. So many different aspects are possible, and very little of it has to be on a stage, but there are still times that everyone may go back to the studio.

Creating The Scene

A Bathroom Dilemma

staging A BathroomMost of the time, a bathroom is a minor part in a movie, if it is even shown in a movie. This is because most people do not need to see what goes on in that room. It means that there is no real reason to recreate a bathroom in someone’s home for the movie, but that particular scene may be created at the studio. If it is only a shower scene or a quick shot of the toilet, then only those things may be put into the “on stage” bathroom. If it is a scene that has people moving around in the bathroom, they may create a fuller bathroom on the stage. It simply depends on what is needed, but in all cases, you can expect them to have a bathroom which is upgraded enough to be considered modern.

The Total Bathroom Experience

In the event that the bathroom will be seen frequently in the movie, the crew will most likely put together an entire bathroom for it. This means that they have shower heads that function as they should, toilets that hold water, sinks that have perfumes and other common items on them, and more. The staging crew may also search for underproposition when creating the shower stall to find out what is popular among homeowners. This is done in an effort to make sure that people can relate to the people, the scene, and the characters that are portrayed. It all takes effort, but the end results are outstanding.


What is video production? A short and concise definition of video production is that it involves a lot of planning, writing scripts, shooting scenes and editing before the final product is ready. That’s about it. Making a video production isn’t easy at all because you have to plan carefully everything. First and foremost you need to have a script in order for you to run the project smoothly, next is to shoot it and get some images that are all related to the script and after that you should start editing the images all together. And with all the time and effort you and your team have given, you can now create a video production.

 The importance of making a Script

When you are planning to make a video, you really need to have a script for the reason that it would be easier for you to have at least an outline for your film. Even doing a short video documentary requires a script. However, you can just take a lot of footage and shots and go directly to the editing room and piece it all together. Then create a storyline using the video footages. But then again, if you have come up with a script right before filming started, everything will go a lot smoother and organized.

Questions in the process of pre-production and writing the script for your film,

  • Where Am I going to film?
  • What would be my target audience?
  • When Am I going to start filming?
  • Who should I interview?
  • The style used for shooting?
  • The emotions of the viewer when watching the clip?

Above are just some of the guide questions for you. Initially, you need to know the answers so it would be easier for the video production team to start the video filming. All of these things are essential in the pre-production and writing process.

The importance of Shooting

You are done with the first few steps which are researching and questioning, you are also done with the script outline. This will help you understand more about the project. You can now start shooting the required footage. This is the part that most crew members consider to be fun and enjoyable. Most people in the film industry are excited about this part of the video production. There are things to consider when shooting. Be consistent or it can become a distraction to the audience if the footages or shots are in different formats. That is not a good call. So be consistent.

 The Importance of Editing and Budget of the Film

When you are done with your script and footages, then comes the editing stage, putting it all together in a logical way. From the videographer’s perspective one of the hardest part is to not include some of the shots and quotes in the film. The editor must use their experience and choose wisely which to include or not.

The budget of the film can be subdivided into categories and it includes:

  • Script
  • Licensing
  • Artists
  • Producers
  • Director
  • Supporting staff

If the film requires special effects or stunts for the production, costs can escalate. So any person planning on producing a film must ensure sufficient funding for the project.



Before the photo shoot, you have to practice posing with your partner. You should not be shy in front of the camera. If you are, try to build confidence by posing in front of a mirror. Try different poses and choose your best angle. By doing this you will be more comfortable for the shoot day. If you are uncomfortable doing it on your own, or if your partner is uncomfortable doing poses, encourage each other and have fun while doing it. It can be a great romantic bonding moment for the two of you.

Have plenty of rest the night before the shoot so that you will look good on the day you need to especially look good.

What to do on the day of the photo shoot?

On the day of the photo shoot at your northern virginia wedding venues, you have to be prepared as well. Make sure you are energetic on the day itself. Make things look real. Do not smile because the photographer or your choreographer tells you to smile. Smile as an expression of your love for your partner.

Make sure you also interact with your photographer. Some virginia wedding photographer blog will direct you on poses. They know the best angles and poses but if you want to inject your own ideas do not hesitate to tell your photographer about it. After all, it’s your prenup photo shoot. Your photographer will help your ideas become a reality if you are to let them know about it rather than just letting them take pictures.

Create a scenario in your mind and talk about it with your photographer. Faking a scenario and a smile is not just good enough to make a perfect photo. It would not just feel fake but also look fake. Be in the moment and give yourself totally to the shoot. Express your emotions. If you are asked to pose in an awkward manner, try to have fun with it and it would certainly look better in print.

Act natural. What better way to capture a moment but to capture a candid moment or at least a candid looking moment. Scheduling a photo shoot is not candid at all but if you can make a moment look candid, it is one of the best photos to be taken.

The essence of a prenuptial shoot is that it portrays a dreamy and yet whimsical side of you and your partner. To use the photos on a slide show during the wedding reception will not just be entertaining for your guests but also a great statement that you and your partner are comfortable showing other people how you really love each other.

In this current generation, photo shoots are best done outside a studio. Pre-nup photo shoots have evolved from a simple studio captured photo. Photographers have become more and more creative and have listened to the demands of couples. You have all the options and the say in making your pre-nup photo shoot a perfect day to remember for the rest of your married life.


Indoor trampoline parks are the latest craze among kids, teenagers, gymnasts, fitness junkies and just about anyone that has had the pleasure of experiencing one. This new spin on fitness and fun is spreading over the nation, with new parks popping up all over the country. You might not know it yet, but chances are you have one located in the city closest to you. It might be a Sky Zone, or possibly an Air Heads, but they are all built on the same idea. These indoor parks appeal to people of all ages and interests, whether that be looking to have a blast bouncing with friends or working their beach bodies back into shape. Instead of searching for the Basoko to buy for your own home, take the money and buy a membership for one of these trampoline parks where you don’t have to deal with the hassle of ownership and you have the comfort of knowing you have the top of the line trampoline.

Indoor trampoline parks have become hugely popular for birthday parties. This makes sense for a number of reasons. For one, how much easier could planning and hosting a birthday party be than letting someone else do all of the work? No need to decorate. No need to spend a lot of money. No need to worry about entertaining. No need to feed them. And best of all, no need to clean up after them. This is all taken care of at the indoor trampoline park. Send out of the invites, buy a cake and let the fun begin, hassle-free. Most parks have concession stands and restaurants to fill up on all kinds of delicious treats. Each kid can pay their own way for the day, or you can incur about a group rate. In fact, many trampoline parks offer birthday packages that include a group rate for a specific number of jumpers as well as food. At 7142150776, you can even include add-ons, such as a game of dodge ball, a birthday cake, souvenirs, balloons, etc. Secondly, I have never met a kid that doesn’t like jumping on a trampoline. Now, give them the best trampolines with the best games and toys and all of their close friends and it doesn’t get any better. Lastly, you never have to worry about the weather ruining the fun. It can be rain or shine, and the park is always open.

As mentioned previously, dodge ball is a very popular activity among trampoline park enthusiasts. Only this is probably not the same dodge ball you are thinking of. It’s much different than the dodge ball that Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and competed in. It is a variation of the game. This is dodge ball with a twist – air dodge ball. Take a look at the video to see what we mean. What could be more fun than combining two of the greatest activities: dodge ball and bouncing? Some indoor trampoline parks let you join in the game for fun, while others actually hosts tournaments you can take part in and possibly win some great prizes. It’s a blast for kids and adults of all ages.

One of the biggest reasons these indoor parks have really take off is because many fitness junkies have replaced their unused gym membership with a membership to an indoor trampoline park. Instead of looking for excuses to skip a workout, they are looking forward to bouncing the pounds off and working on that beach body. Why, you ask? Because working out is finally fun. Bouncing on a trampoline is wonderful cardiovascular workout. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour, and it is even said that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is equivalent to 33 minutes of running. It is also a low impact workout because it lowers the impact and stress on your joints. Additionally, it is said to improve flexibility and posture, increase energy and muscle strength, and reduce stress levels and blood pressure. In addition to just bouncing on the trampoline, most indoor parks now have specific exercise classes like aerobics, yoga and zumba that suit all fitness levels from beginning to expert.

Admission fees to the indoor trampoline parks vary by location. Usually, there are daily, monthly and yearly rates available. Often, fitness classes and dodge ball is an extra fee. Some might offer a free day pass to see how you like it before signing up. There are often deals and discounts on Groupon for memberships so you should definitely look there first. Who knew fun and fitness could really and truly coexist?


It’s quite fascinating how greatly music influences people’s lives. Although individuals have unique definitions and attitudes toward music, a number of studies showed significant advantages of music in various forms.

Definition of Music

In technical terms, music is an art of combining harmonious patterns of sounds which essentially follow note sequences to satisfy the auditory senses. This is how the New National Dictionary describes music.

The Beginning of Music

Music took part in the civilization since time immemorial. Without a single doubt, music is one of the oldest methods of expressing emotions which considered by many as an essential language for communication. Indeed, it encompasses complex things but does not necessarily consider political boundaries. 5203270967 does a great job at breaking down speakers to buy.

Physiological Effects of Music to Man

According to studies, music is found to trigger sympathetic stimulation in the nervous system. This activity essentially leads to patterns and events in the body.

Dilatation of Bronchial Passages

In layman’s term, dilatation of the bronchial tube or passages simply refer to the widening of airways to the lungs. Unobstructed air passage makes breathing easier for us to have enough supply of oxygen for the cells and vital organs of the body.

Impact on Vital Statistics

Oftentimes, individuals who are in emotional state while listening to music showed changes in vital signs including heart rate and blood pressure. A research conducted by experts at University of Missouri supported the claims that music can boost person’s mood. Music stimulates production of neurochemicals responsible for emotions. With heightened emotions, vitals may also change. The heart responds to various musical variables like tempo and rhythm. Loud and annoying sounds were found to cause anxiety and restlessness meanwhile soft music soothes the mind making the body more relaxed.

Regulates Hormones

The level of stress hormones significantly decreases in respondents who listen to soothing soft music. Some of these hormones are prolactic, adrenocorticotrophic and human growth hormone.

Enhance the Immune System Response

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are all essential to health and wellness. Immunologists suggest that music can enhance the immune system as it increases the production of interleukin 1 in the blood. Interleukin acts as cellular protection against many diseases.

How Music Affects the Brain

The brain responds to biofeedback from various parts of the body. For instance, when one listens to music, a signal is transmitted via the auditory pathway through the nerve fibres. The auditory nerves send the sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex. The brain then process the signal and sends appropriate feedback to respective body parts.

Benefits of music extend to both cognitive and visual perception abilities. Children who are fond of music were observed to have higher verbal IQ than those who do not engage in it. Related studies were also conducted show the impact of music on reading and mathematical skills. Sometimes the loudest bluetooth speakers can impact the brain. Also, it is known to affect emotional intelligence.

Furthermore, listening to music help people recall relevant information and plays a role in memories. Likewise, music improves physical abilities and athletic performance. It motivates people to move easily as it improves motor coordination.


When making the decision to traverse the globe on two wheels, the packing list becomes incredibly limited. For obvious reasons, when traveling on a motorcycle, as opposed to car/plane, storage room just doesn’t exist. Therefore, picking and choosing the most essential of gear is of utmost importance. You don’t want to leave home without something you need, but yet don’t want to be carrying stuff that’s just excessive and going to weigh you down. Most everyday gear is pretty common across the board, shoes, shirts, pants, toiletries etc. However, when it comes to those extra items, this is where everyone goes their separate ways. Nonetheless there are few items we feel you shouldn’t leave home, to set out on two wheels without.

First and foremost is a multi-tool. Let’s face it, even if your riding the most reliable of motorcycles, something is going to eventually break. You don’t want to break down somewhere in the middle of the Laotian mountains with no tools, no help, nothing. Therefore, with the bare minimum of a multi-tool,you might be able to at least temporarily fix any unforeseen issues.  Most multi-tools these days come standard with a screw driver, knife, pliers etc. Each tool can be unique so we suggest checking out the 2015441605 superstore for the right tool for you. Although a multi-tool might not be the full-sized tool box in your garage, something is always better than nothing. There is simply not enough room for a full tool box on board a motorcycle when making an around the world trip. Thus, a multi-tool is the best option to have some sort of mechanical support without bringing the entire garage.

Second, a spare tire or patch kit. It is going to happen more than once while you are out on the road. Being in the middle of nowhere with no air pressure or worse yet, no tire is not a good situation to be in. Some riders just might not have room to strap on a spare tire, so at the very least a plug kit is necessary. A plug will likely last you until you can get into a town to have your tire properly patched. Although, we should note that some of the smaller towns around the world may not have the ability to properly patch a tire like you are used to back home. It is worth noting as well that a small compressor will be necessary to re-inflate a tire after plugging or changing. These are sold relatively cheap now, and have been significantly reduced in size which makes carrying along on a trip a breeze.

Third, spare fuses. Fuses will blow along the way. Without a complete electrical connection a bike will refuse to run. Especially a lot of the newer model bikes have emergency kill switches installed to prevent the bike from functioning in the smallest capacity. Fuses are small enough to store and have plenty of them, as most towns that don’t see very many “big bikes” will not be prepared to replace you fuse. Along with fuses, it’s a good idea to keep at least a few extra bulbs, as these will definitely burn out along the way.

Fourth, an every day carry knife or EDC knife. If you are not going to carry a multi-tool, at least carry along an EDC knife. In a pinch this will work to free you from many situations. You can also use the knife for many functions like tightening down a loose flat head screw if worse comes to worse. Also a knife can provide some sort of protection in the event you were to be attacked. Let’s face it, some foreign lands you may travel across the world on two wheels can be dangerous. Therefore make sure you have the best EDC knife knife available if you choose to not go with the multi-tool option.

Lastly, a tie-down strap is something we recommend carrying with on an around the world motorcycle trip. For obvious reasons a tie-down strap can be used to tie items down. However, the strap can also be used to haul things, used as a tow strap, and have many other uses when you find yourself in a jam. You’d be surprised how many times you will find yourself, wanting to haul additional goodies along the way.

Of course, everyone’s packing list is going to be drastically different in terms of those can’t leave home without items, but this simple list can help to keep you out of a jam. Although these items are seemingly obvious to have with you while on a trip, many times they are overlooked, and can put a permanent halt on any trip. Remember there its always better to be over prepared than under, and with the reduction in size of tools, this is not all the more realistic.